Teaching Stream

Teaching is an important part of academic work, and this programme will help you to develop your teaching skills in a supportive environment.

You will benefit from a variety of training activities and workshops. As you progress through each level you will gain experience in a greater variety of teaching activities with increasing responsibility.

The programme is built to support you in achieving two major outcomes. In Teaching III you will deliver a teaching activity which will allow you to put into practice the additional training provided in the stream.

Your experience across all three levels will support the creation of a reflective portfolio to be used to gain accreditation as an Associate Fellow of the Higher Education Academy.

Teaching I

You will gain skills in reflection and observe a teaching activity to help you prepare for your own teaching. As a tutor you will receive an induction session which will equip you with techniques for teaching small groups, and for marking and giving feedback on student work.

Your first teaching duties will give you a chance to put this into practice in a supportive environment, where you can draw on advice of experienced staff and of other tutors. There will be meetings and activities to help you develop your skills. For example, you will be supported to design a short lecture on a topic at undergraduate level and present it to your peers. You will then reflect on your experience and, after an opportunity to redesign your lecture, you will present it again.

Towards the end of the academic year, you will write a short reflection on your teaching experiences which will contribute towards your portfolio for accreditation as an Associate Fellow of the Higher Education Academy.

Teaching II

You will continue to receive support and training as you participate in a growing range of teaching activities. For example, you will take part in a peer observation exercise with those on Teaching I, you will give a short lecture on your research to our undergraduates and you will design formative assessments for use by undergraduates in their revision. 

You will also receive training to prepare you for the different teaching opportunities in Teaching III and you will write a further reflection on your growing experience.

Teaching III

You will take on a teaching activity carrying greater responsibility. The precise activity will depend on your skills and interests, and on the availability of different activities. For instance, you may design and deliver lectures as part of SMSTC, you may lead a series of undergraduate workshops, you may supervise an undergraduate summer project. 

During this activity you will be supported by an experienced member of staff. This will help you to complete your reflective portfolio and apply for accreditation as an Associate Fellow of the Higher Education Academy.

The Industry Stream

Students will have the opportunity to enhance their interaction with industry and helping with developing the applicability of their research within industry while they progress.

The Training Programme

Students have the opportunity to develop both their mathematical skills as well as their generic/ transferrable skills.