Our research is organised into five broad themes:

Analysis, Analysis of  Partial Differential Equations, Probability, Stochastic Analysis

Applied Mathematics, Computational and Industrial Mathematics, Mathematical Biology and Epidemiology

Optimization, Operational Research, Statistics and Actuarial Mathematics

Algebra, Geometry, Topology, Algebraic Geometry, Mathematical Physics

Technology Enhanced Mathematical Sciences Education


Our research attracts support from a wide range of sponsors

Our most significant funders are EPSRC, STFC, ERC, Leverhulme Trust, the Institute & Faculty of Actuaries and the Society of Actuaries (USA). The £34M  generated over the past seven years has been overwhelmingly spent on delivering our research strategy through support of staff, postdoctoral associates and postgraduate research students. Some of the recent large awards are listed below. Our investment in the the International Centre for Mathematical Sciences (ICMS) has recently  been rewarded by a £5M grant from EPSRC’s Additional Funding for Mathematical Sciences which finances  a considerable expansion of the centre’s activities started in October 2020.

Recent Research Grants:

2018 - STFC Consolidated Grant
We are partners in the STFC Consolidated Grant Particle Theory at the Higgs Centre, 2017-2021 - £1.47M
2018 - EPSRC Programme Grant
We are the lead organisation in the EPSRC Programme Grant Enhancing Representation Theory, Noncommutative Algebra & Geometry Through Moduli, Stability & Deformations, 2018-2024 - £3.39M
2019 - EPSRC CDT
We run the EPSRC Centre for Doctoral Training Maxwell Institute Graduate School In Mathematical Modelling, Analysis & Computing, 2019-2028 - £6.11M
2018 and 2020 EPSRC grants for ICMS
We hold and manage the £3.7M EPSRC Mathematical Sciences Infrastructure Grant for the ICMS (International Centre For Mathematical Sciences) for 2018-2024 and the £5M ESPRC Additional Funding Grant for 2020-2025.