If you apply for a general PhD programme, then you need to apply either on the University of Edinburgh website or on the Heriot-Watt University website, depending on the affiliation of your potential supervisor.

If you are interested in the MAC-MIGS CDT, then you need to apply on the MAC-MIGS website.

If you are interested in GlaMS, you should apply to the institution your potential supervisor is affiliated with. 

PhD studentships are funded mostly by the two universities, sometimes in partnership with EPSRC. Additional funding for overseas students may be available. Information about funding opportunities is available on the UoE and HWU websites. 

The funding period for most PhD positions is generally 48 months but this is dependent on the funder. Some funders offer less.  Longer funding is usually connected to a requirement for more preliminary training via, e.g., Scottish Mathematical Sciences Training Centre.

The general programme PhDs are typically three years in length with the option of an additional year to write-up your thesis (should it be needed). General programme PhDs are less structured than the MAC-MIGS CDT but do still require completion of additional training. Students starting a general programme PhD will typically have decided on their PhD research project and will spend the next three years working on this. 

The MAC-MIGS CDT programme is four years in length with an additional year to write-up (should it be needed). Students on the MAC-MIGS programme spend their first year undertaking training and project work which is designed to broaden their mathematical knowledge. At the end of their first year, they will complete an extended research project which will usually form the basis of their PhD thesis. They will then spend the nextt three years working on their research project.

GlaMS is a PhD training centre run jointly between the University of Glasgow, the University of Edinburgh and Heriot-Watt University. Students are offered a broader, integrated PhD programme with specific courses, group projects and training during their first year. At the same time, students begin working with their supervisors on theit research projects. 

In the case of a general PhD programme and GlaMS, you will only receive a diploma from the university of affiliation of your supervisor. In the case of the MAC-MIGS CDT programme you will receive two diplomas.

While many institutions organising conferences and summer courses offer funding to PhD students to attend such events, the two universities also have funds allocated for this and PhD students can informally apply for them.

Students on the general programme PhDs will be asked to participate in a range of mandatory and non-mandatory activities during their PhD. More information can be found on the Training Programme page

Training requirements are different for MAC-MIGS CDT students and information is available from their website


Yes, besides the general skills training, we require that each PhD student reaches level III in one of the two streams: teaching or industry.

Yes, as long as you reach level III in at least one of the two streams. Interested students are welcome to do training in more than one stream after discussing time management with their supervisors.