Students will have the opportunity to develop a range of skills that will be valuable in their PhD journey and their future career.

A PhD is an opportunity, not just to write a thesis, but to develop a range of skills that will be valuable in whatever career you decide to go into. 

The training programme is designed to help students enhance and develop their generic/ transferrable skills at the same time encouraging them to broaden their knowledge of the mathematical sciences. 

Students will be asked to participate in a range of mandatory and non-mandatory activities during their PhD. 

Mandatory activities

Students should complete these activities in the first year of their programme. If they cannot do so, they should complete them in second year.

  • Presentation skills
  • Responsible Research & Innovation/ Ethics
  • LaTeX
  • GDPR 

Non-mandatory actitivies

It is up to the student which activties they would like to undertake and to seek out training opportunities. Below are some examples of generic/ transferrable skills training-

  • Python Programming
  • Scientific writing
  • How to avoid unconscious bias
  • Time management
  • CV writing 
  • Interview training
There are also centrally provided courses and workshops-

Mathematical Sciences training

MIGS encourages all our PhD students to widen and deepen their mathematical background during the first year of their degrees. 

Students can participate in courses from a variety of providers-

  • APTS (relevant for statistics students at UoE)
  • NATCOR (relevant for OOR students at UoE)
  • level 11 courses taught at HWU or UoE

Students are encouraged to be more flexible in their approach to training so that they deepen their knowledge in specific areas that may be more closely related to the research topic they will develop during their degree. This can be accomplished via a number of avenues-

  • Attendance at Advanced SMSTC courses run by specific research groups

  • Participation in research oriented reading/seminar groups

  • Undertaking a mini-project- the student writes a report and gives a small presentation summarising the main lessons extracted from the activity

The Industry Stream

Students will have the opportunity to enhance their interaction with industry and helping with developing the applicability of their research within industry while they progress.

Research Symposium

The Teaching Stream

Teaching is an important part of academic work, and this programme will help you to develop your teaching skills in a supportive environment and benefit from a variety of training activities and workshops.