Industry Stream

Within this stream, students will have the opportunity to enhance their interaction with industry.

This will be useful and rewarding to individual students in terms of developing applicability of their research within industry while they progress, and also providing a firm grounding in developing these type activities in future.

As well as receiving training in communication with industry through transferrable skills sessions, students will have access to a programme of invited industry speaker sessions and to ICMS modelling camps. Where possible, a matching service for industry placement opportunities will be offered, and each student taking this stream will be encouraged to undertake at least one of these placements during the three year stream (ideally year 2 or 3). 

For those students who do not undertake an industry placement, participation in modelling camps, and presentation of results to industry contacts will fulfill the scope of this stream. Students will receive guidance in undertaking a personal industry mapping exercise, and will be able to consult MIGS Business Development staff who can help to guide students through these activities.

Year 1

Initial preparations- resume, cover letter preparation and coding:

  • Resume preparation
  • Personal industry scoping exercise
  • Basic programming courses (R, Matlab, Python, Julia, etc)

Year 2

Receiving experience and training in communication wiith industry through transferrable skills sessions- 

  • Modelling camp
  • Summer School
  • “This is what we do” days
  • Workshops and Sandpits
  • Scottish Financial Risk Academy Colloquia
  • Gain Awareness of Accelerator and Venture Capital Opportunities
Research Symposium

Year 3

Active access to industry placement opportunities as they aries in relevant fields will be offered-

  • Interaction with industry and government, NGO’s and charities through groups such as- DataKind UK and Royal Society Charitable Projects
  • Potential to be considered for international participation in the Financial Mathematics Team Challenge (FMTC)
  • Internships
  • Turing Placements

The Training Programme

Students have the opportunity to develop both their mathematical skills as well as their generic/ transferrable skills.

Research Symposium

The Teaching Stream

Teaching is an important part of academic work, and this programme will help you to develop your teaching skills in a supportive environment and benefit from a variety of training activities and workshops.