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Kevin Painter

Kevin Painter

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Heriot-Watt University
0131 451 8234
CM T.08

My research involves formulating, analysing and applying mathematical and computational models to biological processes.

Mathematical modelling offers an alternative approach to unravel the complex interactions that dictate biological systems. Particular applications of my work include understanding the basic mechanisms that allow cells to organise into tissues and organs and the key transitions thatoperate during pathological processes such as cancer growth.


I am currently a Reader in the Department of Mathematics at Heriot-Watt University, having previously held posts of Lecturer and Senior Lecturer at the same institute. Prior to joining Heriot-Watt, I undertook a degree in Applied Mathematics at the University of Warwick (1991-1994) before moving to the University of Oxford (1994-1998) to study for a Doctor of Philosophy. Following the completion of my Doctorate, I spent two years as a Research Associate in the United States, divided between the Universities of Utah and Minnesota, before moving to Heriot-Watt University in early 2000.


Kevin Painter | The Maxwell Institute for Mathematical Sciences



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