Research Symposium


Our theme works on core research topics in modern applied and computational mathematics.

We offer PhD training in the broad area of applied and computational mathematics including mathematical and computational modelling, numerical analysis, mathematical biology, fluid dynamics, machine learning, industrial mathematics, applied stochastic analysis etc. Our PhD projects are generally offered both through the MAC-MIGS 2024 PhD Collaborative Training Centre and through the Maxwell Institute Applied and Computational Mathematics theme as such.

TRAining opportunities

Every student has access to subject specific learning opportunities, broader mathematical training, as well as a range of generic skills training.

Every student can access any of the mathematical & generic skills training activities offered by The Maxwell Institute Training Programme

This theme offers subject specific learning opportunities such as:

Reserach Symposium
Research Symposium

Research activities

The applied and computational mathematics theme has a vibrant research community, enriched by a flow of academic visitors from all over the world.

We run weekly Seminars in Applied and Computational Mathematics throughout the academic year, inviting a range of speakers across a variety of research areas.

past phd projects

Some examples of past PhD projects offered by supervisors in this theme.

  • Accelerating Bayesian computation in imaging
  • Semi-discrete optimal transport methods for the semi-geostrophic equations
  • Cancer recurrence times and early detection from branching process models
  • Mathematical modelling and analysis of soil and plant root interactions

More information

For more information about our research groups and activities, and how to apply, visit the Maxwell Institute Graduate School page or the MAC-MIGs 2024 PhD collaborative PhD center webpage.