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MIGSAA students enjoy the Maths Annual Ceilidh

The Annual School of Mathematics held their annual Ceilidh in Lutton Hall, Edinburgh.

On 2 October  2015 the Mathematics annual Ceilidh took place to the delight of the new students.  All were welcomed by the friendly team of volunteers.  Students and staff danced the night away to the fabulous Mathematics band and their amusing caller.  A great way to break the ice and a wonderful night was had by all.

Of analogous interest was the research explored by undergraduate student Carl Pierer "Exploring the Topology of Scottish Ceilidh Dances".   “Imagine that, in a Scottish ceilidh dance, each dancer is holding a ribbon connected to a point on the ceiling... By examining the mathematical properties of the resulting braids, we understand the relation between mathematics and the movements in a ceilidh...This understanding is then applied to robot motion planning, where braids have proved useful in the design of collision-avoidance algorithms.”  A compelling piece of work which complemented the timing of the Ceilidh.