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MIGSAA Industrial Sandpit


MIGSAA would like to sincerely thank everyone who came along and got involved in our inaugural Industrial Sandpit event on 3 October!

The afternoon was a wonderful success in its goals to initiate contact between academics and industry and begin to develop potential projects of mutual interest. We were thrilled by the high quality of the talks delivered and the enthusiastic discussions which followed the presentations.

Our students really appreciated the effort undertaken on their behalf. For Greig Smith, “The industrial sandpit was a great opportunity to see both the role mathematics plays outside of a textbook and the roles that a mathematician can get involved in.” Roy Shepherd told us that he “would be very interested in working on some of the projects offered.” Student Representative Luke Dyer added that he had appreciated the “opportunity to understand some of 

the problems faced by industry and to be aware of the role of mathematics in helping to understand and solve these problems.” 

We intend to build on this promising foundation by arranging future events we are sure will be as successful as this one.