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Maxwell Institute Mini Symposium in Analysis 2015

The Analysis Mini Symposium on 23rd October 2015 was an excellent platform for the interchange of philosophies and experience.

A day of Analysis talks by venerated academics from the Universities of Bath, Manchester and Birmingham, funded by LMS, AART and MIGSAA, were held in ICMS, South College Street, Edinburgh.  Drs Lucia Scardia, Jonathan Fraser, Marina Ilioupoulou and Maria Carmen Reguera presented theories in Analysis from; “Algebraic aspects of harmonic analysis”, Marina Illioupoulou; “Fourier decay of measures on the Brownian graph”, Jonathan Fraser; “A proof of de Saint Venant's inequality using sharp estimates for Hankel operators”,  Maria Carmen Reguera to “Convergence of Interaction-driven Evolutions of Dislocations”, Lucia Scardia.  The discussions continued into the evening with the promise of further collaborations. 

Please see for titles and abstracts.