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Maxwell Institute Mini-Symposium

On Wednesday 29 April, a number of mathematical luminaries spoke at the Maxwell Institute Mini-Symposium.

Arranged by Prof Jim Wright, this popular event attracted speakers from across Europe and attendees from across Scotland. Tony Lelievre from Ecole des Ponts ParisTech began the afternoon by speaking eloquently on Metastable stochastic processes and quasi-stationary distributions. He was followed by Joachim Krieger, who joined us from Lausanne to share his expertise in Dynamics of critical nonlinear wave equations. Laszlo Erdos from Mathematisches Institut der LMU brought the day to a close with his talk on Holder regularity theory in random matrices. The event was well attended and the Maxwell Institute thanks all those involved, especially the speakers and of course Jim for the time and effort he put into making this event such a success.