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First MIGSAA Open Day

On January 9, MIGSAA opened our doors for the first time to welcome applicants and potential applicants to meet our current students and staff at our home in ICMS. MISGAA is committed to recruiting the best quality students and to ensure that applicants have the opoprtunity to establish whether MIGSAA will be the best possible fit for them.

The day kicked off with a 'tour' of MIGSAA's research areas, followed by an opportunity for applicants to meet potential supervisors. Over lunch, applicants met our current students who were best placed to tell them about how life in MIGSAA can be for someone beginning their research career. After students had the opportunity to ask questions about the unique structure of the MIGSAA programme, the day rounded off with a relaxed, niformal networking event and a chance to experience Edinburgh. All who attended reported that they enjoyed the event thoroughly - we certainly evnjoyed meeting everyone who came along!