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MIGSAA Entrepreneurship Training with Entrepreneurship First

What's Next?  Academia or Industry?  What the most talented individuals do with their lives really matters.  EF presents a bespoke short workshop looking at the options to get the most out of your PhD once you have completed your studies.  The session will look at how the potential for the resear

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MIGSAA Recruitment Day!

We are holding a Recruitment Day on 19th December 2016 here in Edinburgh at 15 South College Street, EH8 9AA.  For more details please go to the Apply page.

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LMS-MIGSAA-MI Mini Colloquium 4th November 2016

This Mini-Colloquium is a one day event in various areas of Analysis and will take place at the International Centre for Mathematical Sciences ICMS, 15 South College Street, Edinburgh.

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MIGSAA Mini Course in Bilinear Restriction Estimates and Applications

MIGSAA welcomes you to join a short course in Bilinear Restriction Estimates and Applications run by Tim Candy (Bielefeld)

TIme: 4-5pm on 19, 20 and 21 October, 2016

Venue: Teviot - 1.416 Teaching Room 9 -- Doorway 3

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MIGSAA's third Industrial Sandpit on 7th October 2016

This year's industrial sandpit saw presentations from Leonardo, BGS, Schlumberger, NPL and Moody's Analytics and covered diverse topics ranging from models of laser light in the atmosphere, medical ultrasound, economic modelling to volcano eruptions.

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MIGSAA's first single authored published article by Razvan Mosincat available on arXiv

Razvan Mosincat, who is moving into his third year of the MIGSAA programme has submitted his first single-authored paper entitled "Global well-posedness of the derivative nonlinear Schrödinger equation with periodic boundary condition in H^{1/2}" The team heartily congratulate Razvan.

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MIGSAA Annual Colloquium 23 September 2016, ICMS

The second MIGSAA annual colloquium will take place in the International Centre for Mathematical Sciences on 23rd September 2016, starting at 2 pm with coffee and registration.

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2016 MIGSAA Extended Project Presentations

All twelve MIGSAA programme extended project presentations showed the progress made during a fruitful year of training in generic skills and mathematical theory.  Each presentation had depth of understanding in varied topics from “Aspects of Mathematical Biology” and “Stochastic Luria-Delbruck Ev

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13th - 15th September 2016 Summer School in Fluid Dynamics supported by Maxwell Institute and MIGSAA

Organised by Dominic Breit, Ben Goddard and Markus Schmuck this summer school will provide a broad-ranging introduction to mathematical fluid mechanics, in particular covering the analytical and applied aspects of PDEs arising in the dynamics of viscous flows.  Each of the invited speakers will g

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Mini-course in analysis by Soonsik Kwon

MIGSAA is delighted to support a mini course in analysis led by Soonsik Kwon (KAIST, Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology) and organised by Tadahiro Oh.  The three day course in Multilinear L^2 convolution estimates of Schrödinger waves will be held in James Clerk Maxwell Building.

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Colloquium on Semi-classical Orthogonal Polynomials and Integrable Systems

On Monday 23rd May a short MIGSAA Colloquium will take place in the Newhaven Lecture Theatre, International Centre for Mathematical Sciences, 15 South College Street, Edinburgh, from 16.10 pm till 17.00 pm.  Professor Peter Clarkson (University of Kent) will preside.

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