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Tim Hurst

People Details

Former Student Rep, Now Year 4 IN UNIVERSITY OF EDINBURGH
5210 JCMB, King's Buildings

Research interests: Functional analysis, quantum mechanics, fluid dynamics, partial differential equations

Tim holds an MMATH from the University of Leeds, where he focused on analysis and fluid dynamics modules, but investigated a wide area of subjects. As part of Tim's first degree, he worked on a project on quantum integrable discrete systems, investigating periodic solutions to discrete classical lattice equations, and their quantum analogues.

During his first year in MIGSAA, Tim worked on a group project on McKean Vlasov SDEs. During the summer of 2016 he investigated quantum molecular dynamics, in particular approximating two-dimensional nonadiabatic transitions between energy states in molecular bonds.

His PhD project focuses on complex fluids and granular media. Over the next three years he hopes to investigate and produce new methods for modelling granular flow, and apply the methods computationally.
When Tim isn't working, he enjoys music and films, and hiking. He is particularly excited by the opportunities for hiking afforded by living in Edinburgh.