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Guopeng Li

People Details

Student, Year 1
5.20 Bayes Centre

Guopeng did his BSc in mathematics at Sheffield, where he did most of the 4th-year modules in his third year of undergraduate study, then realised that he was interested in analysis more than any of the others. (1st honours)

He then went to Warwick for an MSc in Mathematics, focusing mainly on analysis. His MSc dissertation was “Well-posedness theory for the nonlinear Schrödinger equation.”  (distinction)

Guopeng wants to improve his background of real analysis (harmonic analysis, measure theory, functional analysis) and explore the knowledge of stochastic analysis during his first year in MIGSAA.  His interests lie in Nonlinear Dispersive PDEs and Harmonic Analysis. 

Outside of mathematics, he is interested in physics. He applied to the physics department when he first applied to Sheffield, luckily his undergraduate tutor brought him into the world of mathematics, and he maintains an interest in quantum mechanics and relatives, and learned both from his degree.  He is also interested in cosmology, and likes to watch documentaries about the planet and the universe. He always wondered whether we are unique in the universe, as well as the uniqueness of the solution of a PDE. 

Outside of the above, he enjoys sleep.