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Daniel Adams

People Details

Student, Year 1
5.20 Bayes Centre

Daniel did his undergraduate degree at Sussex, doing a wide range of studies mainly in the area of Probability and Analysis. 

For his masters he moved to Bristol University where he found the introductory course in SDE's most interesting. He did his thesis with Marton Balazs, where they worked on the Asymmetric Simple Exclusion Process. They used coupling methods to get some results on the properties of the process and its stationary distributions. Furthermore they used their results from the Asymmetric Simple Exclusion Process to prove some q-series identities. 

In Edinburgh Daniel is really enjoying his courses on Advanced PDE Theory, and Diffusion Processes. He hopes that these courses will provide him with the groundwork to study SPDEs in the future, and find a suitable project in a related area. 

When he’s not working he enjoys music, cycling and climbing. He is especially glad to be in Edinburgh which provides many great climbing centres and places to explore on his bike.