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Other CDTs

Other Centres for Doctoral Training in Mathematics:

  • CCA, Cambridge Centre for Analysis, University of Cambridge
  • InFoMM, Industrially Focused Mathematical Modelling, University of Oxford
  • LSGNT, London School of Geometry and Number Theory, UCL, Imperial College, King’s College
  • MASDOC, Mathematics and Statistics CDT, University of Warwick
  • Mathsys, Mathematics for Real-World Systems, University of Warwick
  • MPE, Mathematics of Planet Earth, University of Reading and Imperial College
  • OxWasp, Statistical Science, University of Oxford
  • PDEs, Analysis and Applications, University of Oxford
  • Risk, Quantification and Management of Risk & Uncertainty in Complex Systems & Environment, University of Liverpool
  • SAMBa, Statistical Application Mathematics, University of Bath
  • STOR-I, Statistics and Operational Research CDT, Lancaster University
  • Systems, Systems Approaches to Biomedical Science, University of Oxford